Wednesday, 16 January 2013

how to quickly create a custom rom for android with custom rom creater studio


I would recommend having some knowledge of how to use apktool and smali/baksmali, but that's not necessary.

After reading this you will be able to create your own deodexed rom with for e.g. clockwork mod


Create a new project

MainMenu -> File -> New Project... The ProjectWizard dialog appears: 
Choose a project name e.g. I9000_XWJVH and a project location e.g. C:\Android\Custom Roms.
Click OK button.
This will create an empty project file with the path C:\Android\Custom Roms\I9000_XWJVH\I9000_XWJVH.rsproj

and a solution file C:\Android\Custom Roms\I9000_XWJVH\I9000_XWJVH.rssln

If you have a baserom i.e. a system folder for/from a device, you can add that path in the Location of base rom textbox.

All files and sub folders in that folder will be copied recursively.
If you choose a baserom you will end up with something like this: Solution properties Project properties

Select files to be excluded

If there is files you don't want to be included in the there is two ways to exclude them. First you can load a predefined list with files to exclude from the project.

This file should contain relative paths to files, like this (case insensitive):
  • /system/app/Maps.apk
  • system/app/Maps.apk
  • \system\app\Maps.apk
  • system\app\Maps.apk
The other way is to right click on the file you want to exclude in the Solution Explorer treeview and select menu item Exclude. If you have excluded a file or created/copied a file outside of CrcStudio you can include them by right click on the file in the Solution Explorer treeview and select menu item Include.

Deodex rom

To deodex the whole project i.e. all apk and jar files, just select MainMenu -> Project -> Deodex All Apk and Jar Files. You will then get a question about if you want to optimize png files in Apk files. If you choose to optimize png files, the process will take approximately three times longer.
When a Apk or Jar file is repacked the file structure will be according to the this (if the files exist):
  • AndroidManifest.xml
  • classes.dex
  • - all other files in alphabetical order
  • resources.arsc
Original META-INF files will be kept if not the Resign apk files checkbox is checked in Project properties.

Create a template project

To simplify the creation of files, you can choose to create a template project. A template project is a project with files for the, to use with several different rom projects. Some thing like this 


In Project properties check the checkbox Include in build for all the projects you want to be included in the In Solution properties you can choose build order and if later added files will overwrite files already added.

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